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WOB (Work on Bitcoin) marks the inaugural Bitcoin L2 solution with complete EVM compatibility and inherent Bitcoin support, enabling all to create and pioneer on the Bitcoin network.

What is WOB?

WOB (Work on Bitcoin) facilitates DeFi and innovation across various Bitcoin use cases and experimentation. Whether you're constructing anything on Bitcoin, WOB serves as your versatile tool for all Work on Bitcoin endeavors.

Bitcoin meets EVM

Fundamentally, WOB utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to facilitate the generation and execution of smart contracts, ensuring compatibility with current developer tools, wallets, and essential block explorers and data analytics infrastructure.

Rollup functionality, Bitcoin security

Protected by Bitcoin, seamlessly linked to Ethereum. WOB's state-of-the-art rollup stack attains top-notch security and is just a click away for every Ethereum user, application, and exchange.

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Public Testnet

The WOB Public Testnet is currently active on the Sepolia Ethereum testnet. Experiment with our deployed demonstrations.

Join the community

Utilize our forum to discuss groundbreaking research or freely exchange ideas with builders who share similar interests.

Developer Resources

Explore our extensive developer documentation and gain access to resources for crafting innovative protocols on the Bitcoin network.

Ready to WOB?

Contract : 0xcAD295221f3d9B4040ad7cCF82Cc95d1cB141b32

Bitcoin Renaissance, together.


WOB will consistently prioritize building and taking action.
Our roadmap reflects that.

Phase 0
Public testnet
Public testnet showcasing the power of Bitcoin and EVM
Phase 1
Bootstrapping WOB:
Optimistic ETH Roll-up
Access to assets, users, and liquidity. Part of ETH L2 ecosystem
Phase 2
Bitcoin Security
Inherit BTC security via new merged mining protocol (PoW "restaking")
Phase 3
ZK Validation
Upgrade from optimistic rollup to ZK validation
Phase 4
BTC-Staked Sequencers
Sequencers with BTC stake via BitVM, one-time signatures, and ZK proofs
Phase 5
Multi-ZK-Rollup to ETH and BTC
Multi-ZK-rollup, connected to both BTC and ETH